Breach Farm Woodland Burial Ground 

St Mary Bourne

A peaceful resting place in a beautiful Hampshire valley

Contact: Lisa Struthers Hirst

Mobile: 0778 988 8399


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 The Woodland Burial Area

Breach Farm Woodland Burial Ground is a peaceful site on a hillside overlooking the beautiful Bourne Valley in Hampshire.

This type of burial ground provides a natural environment, in which flora and fauna can thrive. Breach Farm is a place where people can sit and remember their loved ones in tranquil surroundings without the constraints of conventional cemeteries.

Our burial site has been established since January 2001 and our vision is to enhance the natural beauty of the grounds by encouraging the planting of memorial trees.

Faith and Religion


All forms of faith are welcome at the burial ground and individuals may consecrate their loved one's plot if they so wish.  The site is open to residents from all around the world.


Burials can also be non-religious; relatives and friends may play music, read poetry or recount memories of those departed.


These burials if desired may be more of a celebration of the loved one's life rather than the more traditional approach, often much in keeping with the wishes of those being buried.  

 The Site 

The site at present comprises of one acre. The intention is for the site to mature into ten acres of woodland.  This will be maintained for the benefit of the trees, shrubs and wildlife.


Only native trees may be planted in the woodland.  No marble or stone headstones are permitted.  A small plaque on a wooden post or flat on the ground is allowed - if so desired.

As the cremation plots are relatively small you may wish to plant a small shrub or bulbs.  

The trees will provide a living memorial to those who have moved on.