Breach Farm Woodland Burial Ground 

St Mary Bourne

A peaceful resting place in a beautiful Hampshire valley

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 Coffins and Caskets

We respectfully request that our clients understand the requirement for all coffins, caskets and shrouds to be biodegradable so that we can maintain a natural habitat.

These can be made from cardboard, wicker, bamboo and other eco friendly materials.

For additional information on eco friendly coffins we have an extensive list of suppliers.

Prices as at Feb 2015

Single Burial Plot                   £500

Double Burial Plot                  £600

Cremation Plot                       £150 Inc Digging 

Double Depth Cremation       £200 Inc Digging

Reserve Plot                          £50 non refundable

Grave digging is carried out by a local contractor arranged by us on your behalf at a cost of £350.

Scattering of ashes (by arrangement, free of charge).


The Plot

Our woodland burials allow you a great deal of flexibility at what is a difficult and sensitive time.


You have the oppertunity to select your own plot and have your own remembrance service.


Plots are available singularly or as a double depth plot; there is an area set aside for cremations.


Where family and friends wish to reserve plots they may do so by securing a small deposit or by paying in full.


A 'deed of ownership' is issued once all fees are paid, this guarantees a lease of 99 years.




Breach Farm Woodland Burial Ground has a seperate area for pet burials.

Suitable Native Trees

The ground is relatively chalky and the following trees are suitable for this type of ground:






Horse Chestnut


Red Oak 

Field Maple




English Oak 

Field Maple 


Norway Map 

Rowan Ash     

Guelder Rose


The trees are available from our local stockist.